Wordless Wednesday

This Wordless Wednesday features Cassie and Carole, two shepherd/lab dogs I am fostering. They are available for adoption and if you are interested, just click on their names above. 





Consider Mario as the Mr. Darcy of cats. He is refined and reserved. It takes time for someone to earn his approval. Even after such approval is earned, he does not enjoy being carried around and would much rather take care of his own transportation. (Being carried by humans is considered undignified.) Despite this, he very much enjoys the company of other friendly cats. However, he does not openly show that he even cares for their presence. After time, his reserve will fade and he will begin to openly interact with them.

Dogs, considered completely below him, are another matter entirely and he would much prefer to not meet one again.

Mario passes the hours by lounging around the house on the bed, his perch on the scratching post, or his favorite spot: on top of his human’s clothes in the closet. He lies quite still for hours on end most likely contemplating the more complex ideas of the universe. On other occasions he meanders out the doggy door and onto the back patio. He does not stray from the yard but enjoys strolling around. In the evening when the family is in the living room watching television, he may stray into the room and gaze at the humans. If one calls his name and the person has earned his approval, Mario may go towards the person and perhaps allow them to be near him and pet his head.

Keeping with his refined persona, Mario only shows his affections during the cover of darkness when he may cuddle with you to his pleasing. It pleases him to lay right next to your head as you lay in bed and massage your neck with his paws. His loud purring may disturb your sleep, but that couldn’t possibly be bothersome. You are pleasing him and that is all that matters.

Could you be Mario’s Elizabeth Bennet?