YouTube University

Our presidents haven’t always been a lost cause. Do you remember Abe Lincoln? You know, the one with the beard? He once decided that he wanted to be a lawyer, so of course he went to law school right? Wrong. He bought a bunch of law books and got to work at home. Later, he passed the bar exam. Just by studying on his own. But as we all know, Lincoln was an exceptionally gifted human being probably because of some special gene and therefore he was able to achieve this on his own while no one else did. Again, an incorrect assumption. Lincoln grew up as a poor farmer. All he possessed were some books and iron determination. No  magical genes needed.

School is limited in its teaching to a few subjects such as math and writing, but the internet, the Internet is a key to a universe of immeasurable knowledge that we can unlock by simply logging into a computer. Not only is this wealth of knowledge accessible, it doesn’t cost a single cent.

I am going to learn more than I ever did in a classroom (whose temperatures I swear dropped below freezing) through this little network called YouTube. This medium contains vastly more useful information than videos of frolicking kittens. With it, I can learn essentially everything I could possibly want to know all in the comfort of my reclining chair next to a box of Oreos.

Rather than torturing myself with videos about pre-calculus, trigonometry, and other such abominations that will never be of use in “the real world,” I’ll be venturing deeper into my interests in social sciences, cooking, photography, fitness, and more. Because I lack the constricting regulations and schedules of the public school system, I may delve into each subject as deeply and in any subtopic that I wish.

I may not be Abe Lincoln, but I can sure teach myself whatever I wish to learn, with the help of YouTube university.