Wordless Wednesday

This Wordless Wednesday features Cassie and Carole, two shepherd/lab dogs I am fostering. They are available for adoption and if you are interested, just click on their names above. 


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


I picked up this book on accident. I use this app called Goodreads to remember which books I want to read next. I forgot to check it so I grabbed any book I found at hand and it just so happened to be this one.

A darkness which for ages has remained hidden has emerged and is reaching it’s long, bony hand towards the shire. Frodo Baggins, a hobbit or a halfling to some, was bequeathed with a ring from his adopted guardian Bilbo Baggins. Little does he know that this ring draws the Enemy nearer to the Shire. At the urging of a wizard renowned for his spectacular fireworks, Frodo and his friends journey to the elven city of Rivendell where they learn of the Ring’s secrets. Now faced with the biggest adventure of his life, Frodo must decide if he is brave enough to be the Ring Bearer.

Frodo is a main character that is easy to relate to because be starts off as an ordinary hobbit. He is a likable young hobbit who like any other hobbit doesn’t have a thought outside the Shire. Everything that happens afterward is completely unexpected and previously had nothing to do with him.

Considering that this is a fantasy fiction book, Tolkien works extremely hard to make the story believable. It is relatively easy to immerse yourself in the developed elf language and the history behind the characters and places that is presented.

Don’t let the 458 page count fool you, this book is a long read. It’s taken me months to finish it. Overall, however, the plot followed an attention maintaining story line. Just when you started to get bored of walking through the forest, Tolkien throws in some adrenaline pumping adventure. Be warned though…Tolkien has a meticulous style and will describe everything in detail. Everything. It’s worth it but just prepare yourself.

I didn’t find this book to be very philosophical, but it does delve into the inner thoughts and qualities that humans and other creatures share. If you’re looking for an entertaining book…this is it.

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien


So, I originally started this blog to keep up with my writing skills during the summer and to chronicalize the happenings in an average high school senior’s summer. Unfortunately the idea became so overwhelming that I only posted a few times and did not accomplish any of these ideas.

Even now, I’m only writing this because I can’t think of a single thing that might be interesting enough for you to want to read about. I’m still in high school, so I feel that there’s nothing really that I could tell that would be interesting or that you haven’t done before.

I’ve been getting inspiration from this blog, write meg! who mainly posts book reviews. Lately though, she’s been adding personal anecdotes and updates mainly centering around her and her sister’s upcoming weddings. She is a delightful woman who has a job and a fiancé and can write about things that are interesting. I have high school, no job, and homework. Yay… (At least I have a boyfriend, right?)

Anyways, I’d like to change the purpose of this blog a bit. Instead of just reporting on my dull, day to day activities, I want to use it to show how interesting life can be. This is going to be difficult and daunting, so please bear with me. I’m new to this whole blogging thing but I really do want to get better. Thanks in advance if you stick along for the ride.



Consider Mario as the Mr. Darcy of cats. He is refined and reserved. It takes time for someone to earn his approval. Even after such approval is earned, he does not enjoy being carried around and would much rather take care of his own transportation. (Being carried by humans is considered undignified.) Despite this, he very much enjoys the company of other friendly cats. However, he does not openly show that he even cares for their presence. After time, his reserve will fade and he will begin to openly interact with them.

Dogs, considered completely below him, are another matter entirely and he would much prefer to not meet one again.

Mario passes the hours by lounging around the house on the bed, his perch on the scratching post, or his favorite spot: on top of his human’s clothes in the closet. He lies quite still for hours on end most likely contemplating the more complex ideas of the universe. On other occasions he meanders out the doggy door and onto the back patio. He does not stray from the yard but enjoys strolling around. In the evening when the family is in the living room watching television, he may stray into the room and gaze at the humans. If one calls his name and the person has earned his approval, Mario may go towards the person and perhaps allow them to be near him and pet his head.

Keeping with his refined persona, Mario only shows his affections during the cover of darkness when he may cuddle with you to his pleasing. It pleases him to lay right next to your head as you lay in bed and massage your neck with his paws. His loud purring may disturb your sleep, but that couldn’t possibly be bothersome. You are pleasing him and that is all that matters.

Could you be Mario’s Elizabeth Bennet? 

The Beginning

I looked down at my adjective cluster diagram. Beautiful, intelligent, gregarious, I read. “That’s a new one,” I thought to myself. “Oh and look, there’s two ‘quiet’s on here to contradict it. Hungry (all the time). I smirked. Of course my best friend would say that I’m always hungry. I think it’s because she always hangs out with me when we have band and I can assure you that band practices have the ability to make one quite famished. T

This lovely activity was concocted by my AP Language and Composition teacher to help her write letters of recommendation for us for next year when we fill out college applications. This activity is just fine until you get to this part: Now explain what three adjective you feel best describe who you are. There’s the catch. We have to talk about ourselves. This part always gets me. So I began thinking about the usual “Who am I?” teenager junk which one can never seem to escape in an environment where the guidance counsellor’s sole purpose seems to be to make sure that you know exactly how your life will be in 10 years. 😛 

But I also started to think about who I want to be. The future me. I thought about how it would be on my first day of senior year next fall. How I wanted to walk through the doors and see expressions of “wow” and “is that the same Emily?” paralyzing everyone’s faces. I just want everyone to know, without a doubt, that I’m a senior.

Now I’m not going to dye my curly brown hair blue or anything, but I want to appear more sophisticated, more confident, and certainly more fit. And I definitely want to get rid of the “indecisive” adjective that is besmirching my adjective cluster. I hope that this blog will be a testament to my growth this summer and I can’t wait to get started 🙂

How about you? What do you want to change or do differently this summer? Please leave a comment!