About Me

I am the most average almost high school senior you will ever meet. I’m not a “fast burner” if you will; a person who does anything and everything perfectly. I’m what you would call average.  I will be posting about everything including, but not limited to: food, marching band, fitness, photography, pets, and reviewing restaurants, books, and movies. I will not post about Justin Bieber, things ‘hipsters’ wear, or unicorns that eat rainbows. I’m just your average girl who looks for the things that make life extraordinary.

I almost forgot the most important fact about me: I LOVE Oreos.

My fandom tumblr: http://www.trixie822.tumblr.com

My fitness tumblr: http://www.emily-loves-oreos.tumblr.com

My twitter: @ozmuffin8

My Instagram: @trixie822


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