The Hobbit Diet

Eat three meals each day. No, eat six small meals each day. When it comes to feeding your body, the leading experts can’t seem to make up their minds about how often one should eat. Does it ever make you just want to throw the towel and eat whatever you want whenever you want?

Personally, I think the hobbits from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels had the right idea: eat often. Our vertically challenged friends from the beloved series eat around 6 to 7 meals per day. Among such activities as farming, blowing smoke circles, and enjoying a pint at the tavern, eating is a major priority. In fact, when Bilbo or Merry and Pippin get dragged off into an adventure, they lament at the absence of frequent meals.

What one rarely stops to consider is that we humans could perhaps benefit from eating often like the hobbits. It is well-known that hobbits lived to be about 100 years old or older. Could humans reap the same life span by eating like the hobbits? According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, eating more meals throughout the day is associated with reduced or no obesity risk. When you eat regularly during the day, the body is more aware that more food will later be on the way and it has no need to store your recently consumed meal as fat. Instead it is more likely to burn the calories. Eating meals throughout the day could also help stabilize blood sugar and therefore energy level.

There is one catch however. If you were to eat 6 meals per day, you would need to control the portion of your meal. No weight will be lost if you frequently consume a plate piled a mountain high with food. You needn’t meticulously count each and every calorie but here are some guidelines to give you an idea:

Hobbit Diet

Try to avoid processed foods. Hobbits are farming folk who eat fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. Add vegetables and fruits to your meals whenever possible (a bit of good food can’t hurt, right?). Drink tea (green tea is a great healthy option). It isn’t called “Afternoon Tea” for nothing. Hobbits also get outside and do things. They don’t sit inside and gorge themselves the whole day long. Try going for a walk (especially after a large meal) to help digest food and keep your body from storing it as fat. Hobbits quite famously go about without shoes. Humans can do this too; it’s a technique called “grounding.” You can learn more about it here.

Can’t think of any small, healthy meals? Here are some ideas:

  • An apple, a slice of cheese, and light popcorn (movie popcorn doesn’t count)
  • A grilled chicken sandwich with some vegetables (carrots are my favorite)
  • Smoothies!
  • Egg, slice of whole wheat toast and half a grape fruit or other fruit of some kind (a great meal for breakfast or second breakfast)
  • Pair a banana with another small snack

If you know of any small meal recipes, I would love to hear about them!

So this is the Hobbit Diet. This diet is not right for everyone. Sometimes there’s not enough time in the day to prepare or even think about eating that many meals. I’m a bored eater so I love this diet because it keeps me from being hungry and unknowingly devouring any sugar filled snacks in my pantry. Go ahead and try this diet. If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work. But whatever you do, don’t shut yourself in a hole and ignore the quest for a healthy lifestyle. Get out there. Be adventurous.




Consider Mario as the Mr. Darcy of cats. He is refined and reserved. It takes time for someone to earn his approval. Even after such approval is earned, he does not enjoy being carried around and would much rather take care of his own transportation. (Being carried by humans is considered undignified.) Despite this, he very much enjoys the company of other friendly cats. However, he does not openly show that he even cares for their presence. After time, his reserve will fade and he will begin to openly interact with them.

Dogs, considered completely below him, are another matter entirely and he would much prefer to not meet one again.

Mario passes the hours by lounging around the house on the bed, his perch on the scratching post, or his favorite spot: on top of his human’s clothes in the closet. He lies quite still for hours on end most likely contemplating the more complex ideas of the universe. On other occasions he meanders out the doggy door and onto the back patio. He does not stray from the yard but enjoys strolling around. In the evening when the family is in the living room watching television, he may stray into the room and gaze at the humans. If one calls his name and the person has earned his approval, Mario may go towards the person and perhaps allow them to be near him and pet his head.

Keeping with his refined persona, Mario only shows his affections during the cover of darkness when he may cuddle with you to his pleasing. It pleases him to lay right next to your head as you lay in bed and massage your neck with his paws. His loud purring may disturb your sleep, but that couldn’t possibly be bothersome. You are pleasing him and that is all that matters.

Could you be Mario’s Elizabeth Bennet? 

YouTube University

Our presidents haven’t always been a lost cause. Do you remember Abe Lincoln? You know, the one with the beard? He once decided that he wanted to be a lawyer, so of course he went to law school right? Wrong. He bought a bunch of law books and got to work at home. Later, he passed the bar exam. Just by studying on his own. But as we all know, Lincoln was an exceptionally gifted human being probably because of some special gene and therefore he was able to achieve this on his own while no one else did. Again, an incorrect assumption. Lincoln grew up as a poor farmer. All he possessed were some books and iron determination. No  magical genes needed.

School is limited in its teaching to a few subjects such as math and writing, but the internet, the Internet is a key to a universe of immeasurable knowledge that we can unlock by simply logging into a computer. Not only is this wealth of knowledge accessible, it doesn’t cost a single cent.

I am going to learn more than I ever did in a classroom (whose temperatures I swear dropped below freezing) through this little network called YouTube. This medium contains vastly more useful information than videos of frolicking kittens. With it, I can learn essentially everything I could possibly want to know all in the comfort of my reclining chair next to a box of Oreos.

Rather than torturing myself with videos about pre-calculus, trigonometry, and other such abominations that will never be of use in “the real world,” I’ll be venturing deeper into my interests in social sciences, cooking, photography, fitness, and more. Because I lack the constricting regulations and schedules of the public school system, I may delve into each subject as deeply and in any subtopic that I wish.

I may not be Abe Lincoln, but I can sure teach myself whatever I wish to learn, with the help of YouTube university.