The Beginning

I looked down at my adjective cluster diagram. Beautiful, intelligent, gregarious, I read. “That’s a new one,” I thought to myself. “Oh and look, there’s two ‘quiet’s on here to contradict it. Hungry (all the time). I smirked. Of course my best friend would say that I’m always hungry. I think it’s because she always hangs out with me when we have band and I can assure you that band practices have the ability to make one quite famished. T

This lovely activity was concocted by my AP Language and Composition teacher to help her write letters of recommendation for us for next year when we fill out college applications. This activity is just fine until you get to this part: Now explain what three adjective you feel best describe who you are. There’s the catch. We have to talk about ourselves. This part always gets me. So I began thinking about the usual “Who am I?” teenager junk which one can never seem to escape in an environment where the guidance counsellor’s sole purpose seems to be to make sure that you know exactly how your life will be in 10 years. 😛 

But I also started to think about who I want to be. The future me. I thought about how it would be on my first day of senior year next fall. How I wanted to walk through the doors and see expressions of “wow” and “is that the same Emily?” paralyzing everyone’s faces. I just want everyone to know, without a doubt, that I’m a senior.

Now I’m not going to dye my curly brown hair blue or anything, but I want to appear more sophisticated, more confident, and certainly more fit. And I definitely want to get rid of the “indecisive” adjective that is besmirching my adjective cluster. I hope that this blog will be a testament to my growth this summer and I can’t wait to get started 🙂

How about you? What do you want to change or do differently this summer? Please leave a comment!